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First appearance: "Remedial Chaos Theory" — Owned by: Troy and AbedUsed by: The study group
Purpose: board game— Made by: Milton Bradley   PHOTO ICON

Is there nothing from our youth that these companies won't repackage for a buck? Call it 'Yahtzee' all you want, everybody knows it's Puerto Rican chess.
Pierce, "Remedial Chaos Theory".

Yahtzee box back
The back of the Yahtzee box.
In the study group's third year at Greendale, Troy and Abed move in together and throw a housewarming party at their new apartment. The night's entertainment, the board game Yahtzee, inadvertently becomes pivitol in how the night progresses as six diverging timelines unfold based on the roll of the game's die. Its first appearance was in the Season Three episode "Remedial Chaos Theory".


In the study group's third year at Greendale, Troy and Abed move in together and throw a housewarming party. Wanting the party to go well, the duo follow instructions from an antiquated book written in the forties on how to be the perfect hosts. As entertainment for the evening, they choose a special activity, playing the classic board game Yahtzee. The pizza delivery guy arrives while they are trying to figure out how to play it and Jeff proposes that the roll of a die will determine who will go downstairs to get the pizza. Counting from his left where he is seated at the table, whoever's number comes up has to go.

Troy and Abed saying Yahtzee
Abed warns him that doing so will lead to the creation of different timelines but Jeff ignores him and does it anyway. Six different scenarios corresponding to a possible role of the die then split off from the "Prime Timeline". Each one varies in how events play out with one in particular having the worst timeline imaginable. In the "Prime Timeline", Abed prevents Jeff from rolling the die and catches it before it could hit the table. He states that life is uncertain enough and that they should not allow their fates to be decided on a whim. Abed then exposes how Jeff manipulated the situation to his advantage; since he slyly made himself the seventh person he would never be chosen as there were only six possible outcomes with a die roll. Jeff is chosen by the group to get the pizzas and in his absence the housewarming party becomes a success as the guests finally start to enjoy themselves ("Remedial Chaos Theory"). In one of the timelines in which Abed does not stop the die, he goes on to become Evil Abed.

Starting on my left

"Starting on my left with one, your number comes up you go."

Just so you know

"Just so you know Jeff, you are now creating six different timelines."

Of course I am Abed

"Of course I am, Abed."

Die roll The roll of the die

Later on in the year, the study group are expelled from Greendale due to the machinations of Chang. They all gather at Troy and Abed's apartment to commiserate over their situation. Abed suggests that they may have been better off if he hadn't stopped Jeff from rolling the dice implying that this timeline may be the darkest one. Troy rejects the idea stating that while things may be bleak now, they are all still alive and they still have each other. Abed agrees and proclaims it to be the "perfect timeline" ("Course Listing Unavailable").

Abed worries

I assumed this was the best timeline but what if it's the darkest?

We're going to get through this

We're all going to get through this. We're alive and we're fine.

CLU Hope

The Perfect Timeline.


One word, two syllables. YAHTZEE!Troy
Is Charades off the table?Jeff