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Zach Paez
Occupation: Television writer
Also known for: "Gravity Falls"
Work on Community
Title: Writer
Writing debut: "Environmental Science"
Active on Community: 2009-2010

I’m finally caught up on Cheers. When does the new season start?
Zach Paez

Zach Paez is an American comedian and television writer who is an alumni of the Los Angeles based sketch comedy group The Midnight Show. He worked on "Community" as a writer during Season One, and is credited for two episodes. He has since moved on to writing for the Disney Channel animated series "Gravity Falls".

Community episodes[]

Credited writer
Season One

Zach and Chevy[]

On his Tumblr site, Zach recalled an incident with Chevy Chase during Season One of Community:

Zach and Chevy

When I laugh, I make a very shrill, high pitched cackle. Sort of like Roseanne, but sans the hundreds of pounds and vagina. It can be embarrassing.

During the rehearsal of my first episode of Community I was cackling pretty hard and this annoyed Chevy. The following is my nervous exchange between myself and Mr. Chase.

Chevy: "Why are you laughing?"

Me:" …"

Chevy: "You think this is funny?"

Me: "Yes."

Chevy: "Didn’t you write this?"

Me: "Yes."

Chevy: "Then you must think that everything you write is hilarious."

Me: "Yes."

The End

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